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The Digital Fix is always looking for new writers - especially anyone who would like to start out in journalism or would like a wider audience for their work.

We're currently looking for people for the following specific roles, but we're keen to hear from ANYONE who wants to write for a bigger audience...

Film News Editor

Your responsibility would be to source news items from the wider web and to build on our existing publicity relationships. We're looking for someone who can jump in and post the latest news as its announced.

Film @ Home News Editor

Your responsibility would be to source the latest DVD, Blu-ray and home streaming news. Working with existing contacts and sourcing new contacts as well as managing review copies.

Film Reviewers

Your responsibility would be to review the latest films in the cinema - usually getting access to press screening free of charge!

DVD/Blu-ray Reviewers

Your responsibility would be to review the latest films on DVD and/or Blu-ray from review copies we supply. You need to be able to talk about the technical details of discs in depth and know your 1080p from your Anamorphic!

Television Reviewers

Review your favourite (and not-so-favourite) shows on broadcast on DVD/Blu-ray. This is a more general writing role and can include getting involved in features if you like.

Music Reviewers

Review your favourite (and not-so-favourite) bands from review copies we supply. We're also looking for gig reviewers too.

Video Game Reviewers

Review the latest games on all modern platforms from the PC to the PS4. We're also looking for people to add news to the site, write features and also previews.

Other writers

Even if you don't fit any of the above roles, we're looking for all sorts of contributors. Our Geek:Life section can cover ANY content on ANY subject so you don't have to fit into one of the perfect boxes above!

The Nitty-Gritty

To avoid being disingenuous, we must state upfront cannot currently offer writers payment for their work - we are a hobbiest site that only just covers the bills right now. We do occasionally have small freelance budgets but these are rare and usually for one-off features. It is our plan to offer more paid freelance over the coming months but that depends entirely on advertising income vs expenditure giving us that little freelance pot!

What we can offer is a friendly team of people - we're all doing this because we enjoy it. We can also offer preview access to films, games, music and more along with contacts within the industry - many Digital Fix writers have gone on to write on magazines and other publications within their relevant industry directly through their work here.

We cover all aspects of entertainment across the site - so we're looking for film, music, video game and television fans who want to share their passion with others. We're also always keen to hear from anyone who has ideas for new areas of content. Commitment to deliver regular copy is more important than previous experience. We can't offer monetary reward, but we CAN offer you a chance to join a great team of people and make a real difference to the future direction of The Digital Fix...


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